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Live updates: Struggling Alabama Coleman Coliseum host Missouri

Live updates: Struggling Alabama Missouri Coleman Coliseum host Alabama 59, Texas 55 (07:56): There is a great atmosphere here Coleman. Missouri is trying to take over, but Alabama continually find a way to keep his head. It was up to the two before the game. Levi Randolph career high is 25 and Releford 10. Read more about al.com

Randy Howell of Alabama rallied to win the classic, winter returns Life Randy Howells change is not yet known, but I can tell you, this Alabama native has all his life, it must remain firmly rooted in what is really important to understand. WWW – rain is a distinct possibility … Read more al.com

A week ago Alabama House committee examining Bill fetal heartbeat, three Montgomery, Alabama — a bill that would ban abortions much now will be considered legal in Alabama Health Committee of the House of Representatives the state on Tuesday. Bill 490 Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin, R-Indian Springs, … Learn more about